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Discover an authentic way to teach your pupils about mental health with Head Ed: an entirely free resource for all secondary schools in the UK, to be taught in Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). The Head Ed programme has been listed in Anna Freud’s Mentally Healthy Schools resource library.

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In our latest survey, 100% of users said they would recommend the Head Ed programme to another school.

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What Head Ed users are saying

Positive and open approaches to stress. Using Head Ed before the exams period helped our students.


It’s fantastic and I’d recommend to other teachers without hesitation.


Simply wonderful. I used them after covid and they went down well. Will use again for year 7 transition.


It helped me understand myself better. I didn’t feel alone anymore. 


It was really useful to know and see that we all feel the same, and understand different ways to deal with stress and ways we all get stressed. 


I feel so much better just knowing there is some help. I’m so much better now I know it’s not just me.


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