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Discover an engaging way to teach your Age 11+ and Age 14+ pupils about mental health with Head Ed.

Covering topics such as stress, anxiety, depression and resilience, Head Ed features authentic videos of young people discussing their real lived experiences and opinions of mental health. By combining core knowledge such as how to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental ill-health, with the topics that matter to young people, Head Ed allows students to relate, engage and learn in a meaningful way.

Head Ed is also designed with teachers in mind, allowing for effective lessons that are easy to bring from computer to classroom. Every module/topic includes a Teacher Pack, learning objectives, powerpoints, student tasks, class discussion points, and assessment opportunities.

The Head Ed programme has been developed by Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Nihara Krause, with consideration to the Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education statutory guidance, which is mandatory in UK schools from September 2020. The content offered is developmentally suitable, with appropriate content for Age 11+ and Age 14+ respectively.

Head Ed is also listed in Anna Freud’s Mentally Healthy Schools resource library.