Discover an engaging way to teach your KS3&4 pupils about mental health with Head Ed. Covering topics such as stress, anxiety, depression and resilience, Head Ed features authentic videos of young people discussing their real lived experiences and opinions of mental health. By combining core knowledge such as how to spot the early signs and symptoms of mental ill-health, with the topics that matter to young people, Head Ed allows students to relate, engage and learn in a meaningful way.

Please note that access to Head Ed is restricted to proven secondary schools and secondary teachers in the UK only.  Due to the nature of the developmentally appropriate material and its alignment to the UK curriculum, Head Ed’s content is not designed for students of a primary school age or schools outside of the UK. Head Ed access is also unavailable to individual practitioners, independent associations, non-educational organisations, or any other individual at this time as it is a teacher delivered programme for the classroom and not for self-guided study.