Your journey to positive mental health in your school begins now! Simply click on the module of your choice (see below) for access to the Teacher Packs, videos and presentations. Each module is an hour-long in total, and can easily be divided into 20 or 30-minute sessions to suit the length of your lessons.

Please note that the videos are not designed to be downloadable. Instead, they can be viewed on each module webpage.

If you get stuck, our handy ‘Guidance for Use’ (also below) is also available to help you along the way.

Age 11+ programme

Age 14+ programme

The 14+ stress, anxiety and resilience modules contain higher-level material for a deeper understanding of the topic.

Prior to looking at any of the modules, we advise that you read the Guidance for Use document. This provides guidance on setting the environment prior to delivering the lesson. It also gives advice on who at school/college needs to be aware of what you’ll be presenting and when you’ll be presenting it just in case a student finds the content challenging.

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  2. You cannot claim copyright to the existing content or images.

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Each module in the Head Ed programme can be delivered through the ready-made PowerPoint presentations provided. Handouts for students, including optional worksheets for recording information from the formative and summative assessments, are also available for each topic.

Please note that the videos are not designed to be downloadable. Instead, they can be viewed on each module webpage.

So how do you get started with the programme?

    1. Review the module overview. This will give you a good understanding of what is included in the module.
    2. The PowerPoint presentation is available in the same section as the module overview. This is the driving force of the entire lesson. The core learning videos are embedded in the PowerPoint presentations to ease delivery.
    3. The resources, which you’ll need to print out prior to the lesson and are used alongside the module to aid the learning experience, are listed under the Resources section.
    4. Review the learning objectives and learning outcomes to make sure that the module is appropriate for your students.
    5. Please take note of any sensitivities mentioned in the module. These are vital to ensure each student gets the maximum benefit of learning about the subject matter especially if they’re experiencing the condition themselves.
    6. Take note of the areas in which data needs to be collected from the formative and summative assessment opportunities. The difference between these two sections will give you an indication of how much your students have learnt.

This programme is delivered using a PowerPoint presentation. Once you have your printouts and the PowerPoint you’re ready to give a comprehensive lesson on the topic. There are suggested class tasks and discussion points to break the module up and keep students fully engaged in the lesson.

If you need any further information on a topic please feel free to access all the information we have available at www.stem4.org.uk.

Please don’t forget to gather the results of the formative and summative assessments and enter them into the website at the end of the module. This will help stem4 improve subsequent programmes as well as giving stem4 the data needed to apply for grants to continue providing relevant free mental health advice to teenagers.